A picture is worth a thousand words, but a stunning product picture is worth a thousand website visits - or even sales.

Eye-catching product photos don't only communicate the visual specifications of a good, but raise attention, interest and create desire. 

While plain, old-fashioned photos with a simple white background can be good for showcasing and limiting distractions for an onlineshop, you will have a hard time using them to promote your product in a campaign.

Creative photos are much harder and require planning. You need to think of different angles you want to capture, the styling of the product and highlights you want to set. I use artificial light to set vibrant accents and experimental gear for extra mystery.

Capturing Products isn't easy. For eye-striking photos you need to make sure to use the right lighting, space and equipment to achieve the look you aspire. I like to work with artificial light, which is good for capturing tech products where you want to highlight specific physical details.

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